PowerShell: Database of SQL Server Management Objects

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DbSmo PowerShell Module by Cody Konior

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Test this extremely carefully before deploying to Production. This isn’t a trivial module.


DbSmo iterates a SQL SMO Server or WMI object and writes the contents of every readable property to a database schema it builds and updates and maintains on-the-fly as it discovers new information in your environment. Where possible (SQL 2016+) those tables are automatically made temporal tables to keep a history of your servers over time.

Configuration settings? CPU affinities? Registry information? Logins? Databases? Database settings? Pretty much everything, all neatly ordered in tables named after the SMO objects and linked with foreign keys (exactly as if it had been built by hand).

This makes it excellent to find out what changed on your servers on this day last year, or comparing settings across hundreds of servers at once with simple T-SQL.


Major functions


DbSmo completely parsers a server in seconds